How to use Adopt A Brat

Here's how to make the most out of using

At Adopt A Brat, we offer the unique opportunity for all of our Brats to produce their own personal, Reality Based internet show.

With the use of pictures and video, the Brats record their activities throughout the month... And that can include just about anything. The pictures and videos are uploaded and ready for the Guardians to view. Brats have very interesting lives... And Guardians have a front row seat.

When a Guardian arrives on a Brats profile page, they can view the Brats introduction video. The Brats video is your initial look into the Brats life. There may also be nude and non-nude pictures to view of the Brat as well.

The Guardian is given the choice to Foster a Brat, Adopt a Brat or Both.

The "Foster Me" option opens the Guardian to the Brats random daily/monthly activities. It's a quick peek in to the life of the Brat.

The "Adopt Me" option offers the Guardian intimate involvement into the Brats life. Adopting a Brat is a deeper, exclusive, 1-to-1 relationship on a steady monthly basis. It's the Guardians own personal, intimate and seductive interactive Reality Show.

Advanced Search

Adopt A Brat offers many search filters to find the most interesting Brat or Guardian. Use filters like: Body Type, Language, Country or tags like: Shallow, Sweet, Small Town, etc. to narrow your results.

Save Favorites

With so many Brats and Guardians to choose from, it's very common to be interested in more than just one. It makes perfect sense that we added a favorites list. Click on the Heart icon and you will never lose track of your perfect Brat or Guardian.


The messaging system on Adopt A Brat is robust. This will make it easier for Brats and Guardians to communicate without disclosing personal information. Please consider the difference between messaging and annoying. Both the Brats and the Guardians have the ability to BLOCK a member if the messages become offensive.


All Brats and Guardians have the ability to Block and Unblock another member. This will prevent you from messaging or viewing their profile and vice-versa.


Notifications are used to remind our Brats and Guardians about missing information or deadlines.


All Brats and Guardians have the ability to Report another member. The Reports will be monitored and addressed accordingly. Negative Reports from many members can result in losing your membership and the benefits of being a Brat or Guardian.