Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions on how to navigate within adoptAbrat.

The word Brat as used in this web site is meant as a playful term of endearment. You are a brat if you sign up as a brat on

A Brat allows the non-brat members called Guardians access to a look into their lives through the uploading of pictures and videos.

The word Guardian as used in this website is meant a playful term of endearment. You are a Guardian if you sign up as a Guardian on

A Guardian delves into the non-Guardian members called Brats. The Guardian gains access into the brats life through the uploading of pictures and videos.

Yes! You must be 18 years or older. It is your responsibility to check with your local municipality to make sure you are allowed access. Some Countries and/or States have different minimum ages. Regardless, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age to sign up for membership.

Yes. We have models from all over the world. You must have a valid government-issued transportation type ID, or passport and fill out the necessary online consent forms.

  • Photo Identification Verification
The photo identification verification should be a photo of yourself holding valid Identification, as described below, next to your face. Your face needs to be visible and recognizable. The identification should be easy to read, clearly visible and right next to your face. Make sure your fingers are not blocking anything on your identification.
  • Valid Identification

Government-issued identification is needed. An example of identification includes; State issued Driver's License, ID cards, Passports, and National ID cards.

The ID must be an original. Not a copy. If your information is not visible and legible it will not be accepted.

Yes, we are required by law to report all earnings to the IRS. You will receive a 1099-MISC earnings report if you earned more than $600 for the tax year. You will be listed as an independent contractor. Taxes will not be taken out of your earnings.

It's important for you to check your countries rules for payment of VAT. Adopt A Brat may send your information on the amount of funds you've received. It may be necessary to maintain your own records.

No. We also recommend that you do not share your personal information with other members. Sharing this information can be grounds for having your membership revoked. Your information is only used for approval and payments.

No. Membership is free. It's free to become a member.

Currently, we are using PayPal as the payment systems to pay Brats. We will be adding additional payment methods soon. The Brat can select the payment option in their settings. The Guardian purchases the media from the site. The Brat receives their payments from the site. A percentage of the monies is earned by the site.  For further details, please check the terms and conditions of the site.

NO. This is not permitted.

First, check your Spam. If you find the confirmation email in your spam, follow the e-mail confirmation instructions accordingly. Make sure to change your setting with your email provider to allow future emails from adoptabrat.

If the confirmation email is not in your spam folder, check that you've entered your email address correctly. You can check by going to the log in screen. Look for "Didn't receive confirmation instructions". This will give you the opportunity to resend the e-mail or to change your email address.

These are some reasons members cannot see your profile:

After joining as a Brat, you must be approved by adoptabrat admin.

  • Did you upload the "profile intro video"?
  • Did you upload at least one non-nude picture
  • Did you fill in all of the required profile information?

The profile intro video introduces you to our Guardian members. You can describe exactly what you want and what the Guardians should expect. Nudity is not allowed in the profile intro video.

You must also upload at least one non-nude "primary profile picture". This primary profile picture will follow you around the site wherever you are referenced.

All Mandatory fields must also be completed. An example of mandatory fields are; height, eye color, primary brat tag, etc. This is important to maintain the look of the site.

Your presentation video may not have been approved for several reasons:

  • It contained nudity
  • It contained content that is against the rules and terms of adoptAbrat
  • The video was of poor quality.
  • The video was filmed vertically. The video needs to be filmed horizontally.
  • Personal identity like email address or social media was included.

Be yourself! Tell the Guardians exactly what you want to achieve and how it will benefit them to financially help you.

Tell the Guardians about your daily/monthly activities and what they will expect to see. Talk about your interests; what you like to do during the day and how you like to have fun at night. It's all up to you. Remember... you are setting up a reality show based on your life.

Usually, it can be very fast. This all depends on traffic. You will not be seen by our Guardian members and will not be able to send messages until you are approved.

No. During the initial Facebook and Twitter sign up process, you can allow or choose to not allow various permissions.

You have the option to allow or not allow other members to share your profile page with social media. You can access this permission in your settings.

Adoptabrat may be used for lawful purposes only.

Asking for tributes to/from PayPal, Wish Lists, Gift Cards, etc. outside of adoptabrat is strictly prohibited.

Do not request or send personal contact information with other members. This includes full name, e-mail, screen names, home mailing address, post office box, Skype names, twitter name, facebook, etc.)

Posting URL's or advertisements of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Rules for content are largely determined by laws and potential legal consequences. The following things are not permitted:

  • content including minors (simulated or real)
  • underage role-play (when one of the participants pretends to be underage)
  • any reference to pedophilia
  • bestiality or animals/pets displayed in a sexual or provocative context
  • incest (simulated or real)
  • refer to or performing elimination or consumption of body waste
  • illegal, harmful, violent or unsafe activity of any kind
  • actions that may be deemed obscene in your community

Engaging in any of the above-prohibited activities risks the closing and removal of your account.

You do not have to include a Foster Me package for sale in your profile.

Please consider... The Foster Me option offers the Guardians a brief look into your life and it will certainly peek their curiosity. These are clips and pictures for sale and may lead to a full adoption!

Brats are allowed a total of 6 Foster Me packages. Each Package can consist of either videos or pictures, not both. A Foster Me picture package allows 1 to 20 pictures. A Foster Me video package allows 1 or 2 videos. You are allowed to set the cost of your packages at any price. However, $15.00 is the minimum. Set the price wisely... Too low of a price suggests low quality and possibly boring media.

You do not have to include an Adopt Me package for sale in your profile.

Brats are permitted to offer 1 Adopt Me Package.

An Adopt Me package establishes a "Brat to Guardian relationship" on a steady monthly subscription basis. When the Guardian chooses an Adopt Me package, they are subscribing to your package on a month to month basis.  Each month the Brat is required to upload 1 new video (minimum length of 2 minutes) and 12 new pictures for your Guardian.

The Guardian will be entitled to unlimited chat with their adopted Brat.  This means that the Guardian will not need to purchase messages when they decide to chat on-site.

If the Brat does not upload their media by the deadline for the proceeding months after the initial adoption, the Guardian will not be charged, the subscription will end and the Guardian will not be able to Adopt that brat again.



Yes. The Foster Me content was uploaded at the time you created the package. The net proceeds of the Guardians payment go into your account and the guardian automatically receives the content.

Yes. But, It will be a lot harder. Basically, you are not offering anything for sale. Guardians can decide to send you money out of the goodness of their hearts.

Notifications are used to remind our Brats and Guardians about missing information or deadlines.

A Brat or Guardian can send free messages to other members by clicking the "send a message" button on the members profile page. The message will go to the member's inbox with the opportunity to reply.

No. Please refer to the refund policy

When a member uploads a picture with nudity, other members will not be able to see these pictures when:

  • The picture is labeled by you as private. This is made possible in your settings.
  • The picture contains nudity and the member is not logged in. Nude pictures can only be viewed when logged in.

Every member can select multiple tags to identify or label themselves. This adds a fun aspect to searching for other members. It is not required to select these search tags, however, it is required that you select one primary tag. This is the tag you feel best identifies your personality. This makes it easier for both Guardians and Brats to sort through the numerous listings with just a glance.

The Guardians manage their digital media (pictures and videos) in their "Reward Vault". The reward vault can be accessed by the Guardian once logged in. The reward vault can be found in the main menu dropdown.

All media is stored "on site". The vault is similar to a filing cabinet. After a purchase is made, all of the digital media will be stored in a media cabinet called the Reward Vault. Each purchase is listed separately for your convenience.

Track... Monitor... Create

The rescue funds manager serves several purposes for a Brat.

The Brats use the rescue fund manager for the following purposes:

  • Track money earned from Foster Me package sales
  • Track money earned from Adopt Me package sales
  • Upload the monthly Adopt me Picture / Videos
  • Monitor individual Foster Sales
  • Monitor individual Adoption sales
  • Create Foster Me Sales packages
  • Create an Adopt Me Sales Package

Before any type of package can be uploaded, you must first verify your age and Identity.  Please refer to the verification upload page.

At Adopt A Brat, we have a completely different take on the entire Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby concept. An entirely different energy.

Our unique concept is to secure the needs of the Sugar Baby with the desire of the Sugar Daddy... And combine them with everyone's fascination with Reality Television and Celebrity. Arranging In-Person meetings with members (Brats and Guardians) will not be necessary.

When a Brat is adopted by a Guardian, something fascinating happens. An internet style, reality television show begins. And the Brat is the Star of the show!

Each month the Brat will chronicle their life with Pictures and/or Videos. A personal Diary using digital media is created. Watch your Brat as they navigate their day. Driving to college or work; meeting up with friends; getting ready for bed or perhaps a trip to the mall; then returning home for a little "Relaxation and Release".

The Brats month can include hilarious moments, adventure, erotic pleasures and perhaps some drama. The Guardian can select the type of Brat that offers them the personality traits that suit them best.

As the months progress watching the "comings and goings" of your Brat, the Guardian will enjoy their very own reality-style show made just for them.

Brat funds are paid on the 15th and last day of the month.  The funds in your account must be in your account for at least 30 days.  You are paid in the current month for the funds you received the month prior. This is due to any potential chargebacks by the guardian.  For a more detailed description, you can read the Terms of use.

50 Percent. This keeps it simple. Adopt A Brat takes care of all the charge card nonsense.

You will be charged for a minimum of 1 (one) month. After agreeing to the purchase, the digital media is sent automatically and instantly. Whether you decide to view the media or to schedule prepaid communication minutes, the sale is considered delivered and is not refundable.

Please refer to entire Refund Policy here


Currently,  Visa, Master Card, Discover Card or American Express can be used. Your credit card statement will read: Adoptabrat.


If you purchased an Adoption package or Foster package the charge is immediate.

If you purchased a package, the charge is immediate and the delivery of the pictures and videos are immediate as well.

No. However, unlimited messaging is included with the Adopted Brat and is part of the Adoption package purchase.

There are several ways to be featured. These are the most important things to consider:

  • We monitor your usage time on site. We appreciate time well spent.
  • We look to see if is being tagged in your social media.
  • Are you exhibiting a high level of enthusiasm?
  • Are there pictures of you doing anything out of the ordinary in public to promote
  • How professional looking are your videos and pictures... Creativity goes a long way.
  • Are you getting lots of praise from other members?

We are only human and its possible that even though you are very active, you may have gone unnoticed (don't be hating). If you feel that you are performing at a high level and not being noticed by us, then contact us telling how could we of ever missed you.

Crazier things have happened. Let's face it. You have an interesting life and highly successful, wealthy people will be viewing your monthly diary. Don't be surprised if you are actually in communication with someone you recognize from movies or television.

Opportunities like being part of a reality television show, promotions, modeling, spokesperson, nightclub promotion, etc. are all possible.

Adopt A Brat will arrange everything for you. The best part is, it's actually part of the agreement when you decide to become a member.

We recommend always being yourself because it's "Yourself" that everyone will find interesting!